China's charge into an electric future

China has far more electric vehicles on its roads than any other country on earth. While the country intends to keep the pace of manufacturing growing, can its charging infrastructure keep up?


Brent Delta: a North Sea giant gives up its secrets

After decades of supplying Europe with energy, the 24,000-tonne topside of the Brent Delta oil and gas platform came in from the North Sea. Once in the dock at Hartlepool, on England's north-east coast, workers began dismantling it for recycling. And they found some surprises…including three guitars and a ukulele.

Make the Future India

India's energy entrepreneurs

Shell launched its E4 programme in India to help start-ups accelerate the transition into a lower-carbon future. Four participants tell Inside Energy about their ideas and the pressing energy problem they hope to solve.

Ben van Beurden

Getting to net zero emissions

Speaking at a Politico event in Brussels, Belgium, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden addresses the proposal for the European Union to target net zero emissions by 2050, and the action that can help it happen. Read the speech in full.

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The Great Travel Hack

Hosted by A-list actress and sitcom star?Kaley?Cuoco, this is The Great Travel Hack. This isn’t a race about travelling faster, it’s about travelling cleaner. #MakeTheFuture

The Energy Podcast

How will the world meet growing energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide emissions? The Energy Podcast sets out to explore the options, and the possible outcomes. Listen and subscribe here.

What is Shell's Net Carbon Footprint ambition?

Shell is a big company that supplies around 3% of the energy the world uses. We want to play our part and contribute to the global effort to tackle climate change and meet the goal of the Paris Agreement. Working towards our Net Carbon Footprint ambition is how we plan to do this.

Inside Energy

成人影院Welcome to Shell's award-winning digital channel. Inside Energy offers stories with fresh insights into energy, technology and the people and ideas powering our lives.

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